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What is 6S?

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What is 6S?

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What is 6S?

Because the first letter of SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, and SHITSUKE at the Roman home in Japanese is S, it is called 5S. As people recognize 5S With the continuous deepening and improvement of corporate management requirements and standards, 5S is called 6S to increase security (SECURITY).

First, finishing (SEIRI)

1. The passage is smooth and tidy.

2. The equipment and materials in the work place are neatly stacked, and unnecessary things are not placed.

3. The office items in the desk and drawer are neatly arranged.

4, neatly placed items.

Purpose: Free up space, make use of space, prevent misuse, and create a clean workplace.

2. Rectification (SEITON)

1. The machine and equipment are regularly maintained and have equipment maintenance cards, which are neatly placed and in the best condition.

2, tool positioning, regular maintenance.

3. Positioning and positioning of parts and components are uniformly identified at a glance.

4, tools, molds are clearly positioned, clearly marked, and easy to use.

5. Each area of the workshop has 6S responsibility area and responsible person.

Purpose: See the workplace at a glance, eliminate the time to find items, neat working environment, and eliminate excessive backlogs.

Third, cleaning (SEISO)

1. Keep the aisle clean, the things in the work place neatly stored, and no debris on the ground

3. The desk, work surface and surrounding environment are clean and tidy.

4. The windows, walls and ceiling are clean and tidy.

5, tools, machinery, machines clean up at any time.

Purpose: Remove the basic points of the problem, reduce industrial injuries, maintain safe production, cultivate the habit of finding problems is the basis of zero failures, eliminate factors that are not good for product quality and the environment, and reduce harm to people's health.

Fourth, cleaning (SEIKETSU)

1. The aisle is clearly divided and the aisle is smooth.

2. Do "6S" work 5 minutes before and after work every day.

3. Timely correct the non-conformities.

4. Keep collating, rectifying, cleaning results and improving.

Purpose: Eliminate dirt, keep workplace bones clean and bright, stabilize quality, and reduce industrial injuries.

V. Literacy (SHITSUKE)

1. Employees wear label.

2. Wear factory clothes and be clean and decent.

3. Employees are civilized and courteous, and are enthusiastic about people.

4. Employees are full of work spirit.

5. Employees have a team spirit, help each other, actively participate in "6S" activities, and have a strong sense of time.

Objective: To cultivate employees with good habits and obey the rules, improve the level of civility and courtesy of employees, and build the spirit of team members.

Six, security (SECURITY)

1. There are safety warning signs in key danger areas.

2. Comply with safety operation regulations to ensure normal production without damaging public property.

3, do not drink before class, do not smoke in non-smoking areas.

Purpose: To create an environment that does not threaten people, businesses, and property, to avoid the emergence of security accidents, and to reduce hidden dangers.

6S implementation essentials

工作场所全面检查,制定“要”和“不要”的判别标准,将不要的的物品清出工作场所,对需要的物品调查使用频度,以决定日常用量及放置位置,制定废弃物处理方法,做到每日自我检查。 Reorganization (SEIRI): comprehensive inspection of the workplace, development of "necessary" and "don't" criteria, clearing unnecessary items out of the workplace, investigating the frequency of use of necessary items to determine daily usage and placement, and formulating Waste disposal methods, daily self-inspection.

在清理的基础上,合理规划现场的空间和场所,按照规划放置好现场的每件物品,规定放置方法,明确数量,做好标识,使每个人都清楚明白。 Rectification (SEITON): Based on the clean-up, rationally plan the space and site of the site, place every item on the site in accordance with the plan, specify the placement method, clear the number, and make a mark so that everyone is clear.

物品的保管要定点,定容(用什么容器、颜色),定量,生产线的附近只能放真正需要的物品。 ——Place of storage : The storage of items should be fixed, fixed volume (what container and color are used), and quantitative. Only the really needed items can be placed near the production line.

易取,不超出规定范围,根据物品使用用途,大小等因素确定拜访的方法。 ——Placement method : It is easy to take, and it does not exceed the specified range. The visit method is determined according to the use purpose, size and other factors of the item.

用标签说明物品的位置,名称,数量,种类,用途等,放置场所和物品原则上要一对一表示。 ——Identification method: Use labels to describe the location, name, quantity, type, purpose, etc. of the item. Places and items should be indicated one-to-one in principle.

建立清扫责任区(室内,室外),例行扫除,清理脏污,调查污染源予以杜绝或隔离,制定标准化的清扫方法。 Cleaning (SEISO): Establish cleaning responsibility areas (indoor and outdoor), routinely clean up, clean up dirt, investigate pollution sources to eliminate or isolate, and develop standardized cleaning methods.

落实前面三项,制定考评方法,制定奖罚制度,加强执行力度领导带头巡查,以示重视。 Clean (SEIKETSU): Implement the first three items, formulate assessment methods, formulate reward and punishment systems, strengthen enforcement efforts, and lead inspections to show importance.

制定服装,仪容,识别证标准,制定共同遵守的相关规则,制定礼仪守则,教育培训,组织推动各种警示文明提升活动。 Literacy (SHITSUKE): formulate standards for clothing, appearance, identification cards, formulate related rules to be followed together, formulate etiquette codes, education and training, and organize various warning and civilization promotion activities.

采取系统的措施保证人员,产地,物品等安全,系统的建立防伤病,防污染,防火,防水,防盗,防损等保护措施。 Security (SECURITY): Take systematic measures to ensure the safety of people, places of origin, and items. The establishment of the system prevents injuries, pollution, fire, waterproof, theft, and damage.

The benefits of 6S management are as follows:

1, 6S is the best salesman

① Customer satisfaction, increase confidence in placing orders

② Leaders of all levels and colleagues came to visit the company to guide and improve their visibility

③Clean and clear environment, retaining excellent employees

2, 6S is an expert in saving

① Reduce the waste of many unnecessary materials and tools, reduce the waste of "finding" and save a lot of valuable time

② Can reduce working hours and improve efficiency

3S is a security expert

① Comply with operating standards, no work-related accidents will occur

② All equipment is cleaned, and the existing problems can be found in advance during maintenance, thereby eliminating hidden safety hazards.

③ The fire fighting equipment is complete and the fire passage is not blocked, in case of fire, the safety of employees' lives is guaranteed.

4, 6S is the promoter of standardization

① Emphasis on standard work

② Stable quality, meeting production targets on schedule

5, 6S can form a pleasant workplace

① A bright and clean workplace makes you feel good

②Employees make improvements and feel a sense of achievement

③Enhanced staff cohesion and more enjoyable work

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