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[Yi Lian morning meeting] Unity and unity, efficiency doubled

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[Yi Lian morning meeting] Unity and unity, efficiency doubled

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The year is spring and the day is morning! Effective morning meetings every day to share the happiness of group work, improve the cohesion of the group, praise and praise colleagues, reflect on work mistakes, relieve misunderstandings among colleagues, share new knowledge and good experiences, and make everyone happy to invest in the day. jobs. The employees of Yilian's production line are in progress every morning. . . . . .

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The morning meeting is an effective means to achieve the vision of the organization, and it is a practical refinement of corporate culture. Its significance lies in:

:通过对组织中某些现象的评价,让员工清楚:组织的原则是什么,底线是什么,提倡什么,反对什么。 1. Unify the values of the team : through the evaluation of certain phenomena in the organization, make employees clear: what are the principles of the organization, what is the bottom line, what is promoted, and what is opposed. Recognize and encourage the actions that are promoted, and punish the opposition firmly, so that values are embedded in the minds of every employee;

企业的战略目标只有从内容上层层分解到个人,从时间上细化到年、月、日,再一件件落实,才能逐步实现,而晨会正好可以通过检讨员工每天工作的进度,来落实战略的完成情况; 2. Guaranteeing the realization of strategic goals : The strategic goals of an enterprise can only be achieved gradually by decomposing the content from the upper layers to the individual, from the time to the year, month, and day, and then implementing them one by one, and the morning meeting can just pass the review The daily work progress of employees to implement the completion of the strategy;

将当日的工作重点进行部署和强调,确保每个成员知悉,同时便于相互间的配合; 3. Key tasks for deployment : The tasks and priorities of the day will be deployed and emphasized to ensure that each member knows and facilitates cooperation with each other;

一日之计在于晨,良好的精神状态是高效工作的前提,主管要利用好晨会,宣导正能量,增强员工的信心; 4. Enhancing the confidence of employees: The plan of the day is in the morning. Good mental state is a prerequisite for efficient work. Supervisors should make good use of the morning meeting to preach positive energy and enhance employees' confidence;

每项工作要有安排、有检查、有追踪、有落实,让员工意识到工作必须落地,养成以目标为导向,工作无借口的习惯; 5. Cultivate vigorous style: every job must be arranged, inspected, tracked, and implemented, so that employees realize that work must be grounded, and develop a habit of being goal-oriented and working without excuses;

通过内部成员对工作中的经验教训分享,敦促其他成员的借鉴和应用; 6. Promote the improvement of members 'skills: Through internal members' sharing of lessons learned at work, urge other members to learn and apply;

    将晨会作为信息交流的平台,及时传达公司的指示和精神,以及重大信息的反馈; 7. Solve the "intestinal obstruction" phenomenon of information: use the morning meeting as a platform for information exchange, timely convey the company's instructions and spirit, and feedback of important information;

通过员工整齐的队列,正确的站姿要求,以及队伍前主管的“位置”和训话来强化在员工心目中的“地位”,天天点评他,在员工的潜意识里就形成了你的“领导地位”。 8. Establish the authority of the supervisor: Strengthen the "status" in the minds of employees through the neat queue of employees, the correct standing requirements, and the "position" and training words of the former team leader. Comment on him every day, and in the subconscious of the employees Formed your "leadership".

Therefore, a good morning meeting can effectively enhance a team's cohesion, execution and combat effectiveness, and lay a solid foundation for the rapid realization of the organization's vision.

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Tips for a good morning meeting

可以安排在班前召开,一般掌握在10-20分钟为宜(与人数多少有关,如果10人以上,可以考虑分组召开); 1. Time of morning meeting: it can be arranged before the class, generally it is better to control it in 10-20 minutes (depending on the number of people, if there are more than 10 people, consider holding in groups);

一般选择在就近的工作场所或办公区域,但是要确保开会时周围环境不影响晨会的效果; 2. The location of the morning meeting: generally choose the nearest workplace or office area, but make sure that the surrounding environment does not affect the effect of the morning meeting;

所有员工必须按统一要求,做到站姿标准,着装统一,整齐划一,主持人在队列前方进行讲评; 3. Team up first, then morning meeting: All employees must follow the uniform requirements to achieve standing standards, uniform dressing, uniform uniformity, and the host will comment in front of the queue;

开始阶段,最好以主管本人为主,之后根据部门形势的管控情况,决定是否调整或轮流主持; 4. Selection of moderators: In the initial stage, it is best to focus on the supervisor himself, and then decide whether to adjust or take turns according to the control of the situation of the department;

主管要在队列前方的位置,最好能随着不同的汇报对象,位置也随之变化,但要始终站在汇报者的正前方,两眼目视对方,无论点评还是在听取其汇报; 5. Standing position of the host: The position of the supervisor in front of the queue should preferably change with different reporting objects, but always stand directly in front of the reporter, and look at each other with both eyes, regardless of the comments Still listening to his report;


正常内容不汇报,只谈结果,简明扼要,原因不解释、困难不解释;对成员之间可以自行协调解决的,不得提报晨会;晨会非讨论会议,不能反复纠结于某事,凡只牵扯个别人、耗时较长的,一律会后解决等等。 6. In order to save time and prevent skin problems and digressions, the morning meeting should also follow (preferably using a unified morning meeting form): do not report the normal content, only talk about the results, be concise, do not explain the reasons, do not explain the difficulties; Those who can coordinate and resolve by themselves should not report to the morning meeting; the morning meeting is not a discussion meeting and cannot be repeatedly entangled in something. Anyone who only involves an individual and takes a long time will be resolved after the meeting.

Effective morning meeting mode

An efficient morning meeting requires a clear purpose, a clear structure, a tight pace, and a quick decision. Specifically, the following sequence can be considered:

各成员逐一汇报昨天重点工作完成情况(只说结果,一件事一句话概括,对没完成的当众承诺二次完成时间),当日重点工作内容(可以考虑控制在3件事以内); 1. First personal report: each member reports the completion of yesterday's key work one by one (only the results, one thing and one sentence summarized, and promised to complete the second time for the uncompleted public), the content of the key work on that day (three can be considered to control Within the matter);

个人汇报完后,主管要对其工作情况进行点评,同时落实之前安排给他的工作进度; 2. Second supervisor's comment: After the personal report, the supervisor must comment on his work and implement the work schedule previously arranged for him;

内容可以是经验或教训的总结,也可以是学习心得(要保证团队每天有成员进行分享,可事先公布分享值日表); 3. Case sharing again: the content can be a summary of experiences or lessons, or learning experience (to ensure that members of the team share each day, the sharing schedule can be announced in advance);

简要总结昨天的工作情况,并通报最优和最差员工,同时结合身边的具体实例宣导企业的价值观; 4. Then the supervisor's overall summary of the previous day's work: a brief summary of yesterday's work, and briefing of the best and worst employees, while promulgating the company's values with specific examples around them;

通报本部门当日或某阶段的重点工作及注意事项等,在表扬肯定的同时,鼓舞员工干劲; 5. Later deployment tasks and boost confidence: Inform the department of key tasks and precautions on the day or at a certain stage, while praising and affirming, encouraging employees to motivate;

包括重大信息的通报及制度概要的介绍或学习。 6. The last is the publicity of the company's decree: including the notification of major information and the introduction or study of the system summary.

Shandong Yilian Precision Sheet Metal Co., Ltd.

钣金加工 和技术服务的现代综合性企业,拥有规格齐全的现货平台,常备各种规格的 不锈钢卷 不锈钢板材 、不锈钢型材等库存,持续多年销量持续增长,赢得了众多客户的信赖与支持。 Our company is a modern comprehensive enterprise specializing in stainless steel trading, sheet metal processing and technical services. It has a full-scale spot platform and stocks stainless steel coils , stainless steel sheets , and stainless steel profiles of various specifications. The sales volume has continued to grow for many years. The trust and support of many customers.

等离子/火焰切割 设备,高压 水刀切割 ,德国 精密矫平 ,LVD大型折弯,可完成钣金加工中的一系列生产要求,欢迎新老客户前来洽谈业务,让我们互利互惠,共同发展! At the same time, the company also introduced internationally advanced Swiss Bystronic laser cutting equipment, Japanese Koike acid plasma / flame cutting equipment, high-pressure waterjet cutting , German precision leveling , LVD large bending, which can complete a series of production in sheet metal processing Requirements, welcome new and old customers to negotiate business, let us mutually beneficial and common development!

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We have strong technical support!

We provide reliable quality stainless steel and carbon steel raw materials!

You just need to know us

All solutions, technologies, processing, forming, welding, distribution, all are solved by us!

Let us achieve mutual benefit and common development and win-win cooperation.

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Enterprise Management Technology Sharing Technology Introduction Industry Information

Stainless steel coils and plates 材、型材, , Stainless steel pipes , profiles,

Sheet metal processing manufacturers , Sheet metal processing technology

等离子/火焰切割 、水切割 Stainless steel, carbon steel laser cutting , plasma / flame cutting , water cutting

精密矫平锯片矫平 、焊接成形 Stainless steel carbon steel bending , precision leveling , saw blade leveling , welding forming

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